Can Am 2016

For the 6th year in a row, we made it to the finals.  Congratulations Team Zephyr:  Jaeger, Max, Rumor, Karma and Danger.  We had a puppy meltdown, but did our best and took 2nd.

RFG Sandusky 2016

Danger and Timp made their debut this weekend at RFG's tournament and looked very nice in the lanes.  The future is looking good with our newest height dogs.

Can Am 2015

For the 5th year in a row, we made it to the finals.  Congratulations Team Gale Force:  Batman, Gidget, Brewner, Alley.  We put up a good fight and took 2nd.

New Best times

At the RFG tournament in May 2015 Galeforce had a NAFA best time of 16.249
In July of 2015 at our own License to Chill tournament in Sandusky Ohio Galeforce had a U-FLI best time of 15.965

Farmington NY Dec 6,7 2014

Galeforce set a new team record this weekend at 2FFU tournament in Farmington, NY. Congrats to Batman, Gidget, Jaeger, and Alley for their 16.349 run and first place finish. Thanks to Jumpmasters for boxloading and line calling for us. 
Jersey (owner Val Royal) earned her FMX title over the weekend. Pictures from the weekend were taken by Dave Strauss. Thanks for getting some great shots!

Jerz and Val

CanAm 2014

For the 4th year in a row Fur in a Blur raced in the division finals. Congrats to Team Zephyr: Batman, Karma, Storm, Bella, and Alley who placed 2nd in the Regular 8 division finals. They raced against Ballderdashers ,Sunday evening, after a long day of racing. Races were close and all the dogs and handlers rose to the occasion. Zehpyr's fastest time of the day was 18.517 which was actually the fastest time of the day in the division.

It was also another tournament of exciting milestones: Storm (owner Laura O'Donnell) and Lacey (owner Robin Gray) both earned their IRONDOG title. Logan (owner Linda Olley) earned his FGDCH-30K title. We are very proud of our veteran dogs and their achievements. 


Jaeger running in his first CanAm tournament! Owner: Connie Niebecker

Gidget (Photo by Dave Strauss)
Robin and Lily (Photo by Dave Strauss)

Tight Racing (Photo by Dave Strauss)

CanAm 2013

Team Zephyr: Pippen, Logan, Lacey, Winston were Regular 11 Division Champions. All of these dogs are veterans with the youngest racer being 7. They were undefeated on Sunday and had a personal best time of 20.8 seconds. It was a weekend of milestones as 2 of our dogs achieved IRONDOG status: Guinness (owner: Connie Niebecker) and Squire (owner: Robin Gray). Squire also earned his FG50K.

Tournament of Champions U-FLI 2013

Fur in a Blur attended their first U-Fli Tournament of Champions in St. Louis at Purina Farms. Galeforce (Brewner, Rogue, Lily, Gidget) took 2nd place in Div 4. Racing was tight and close all day with some races having a difference of 1/10 of a second. In July Galeforce set a new team record of 16.50 seconds!

Watch video of Galeforce racing at the Tournament of Champions

CanAm 2012

October 14, 2012 - Indianapolis Indiana 

Congratulations to Brewner, Max, Logan, Bacardi, Storm, and Lacey on your trip to the CanAm Division Championship Finals. Job well done!

CanAm 2011

October 9, 2011 - Indianapolis Indiana - Monsoon is Classic Regular 6 Champions

The awesome dogs of Team Monsoon ... Storm, Logan, Rogue and Dahlia took an undefeated 1st place and got the trophy in the CanAm Classic Regular 6 championship racing on Sunday.

Other hightpoints for the team ...
Karma got her FDCH-G. Jersey and Bella got their FM titles...they took their very first flyball class together. Max ran start dog for the first time at a tournamanet and got his FDCH and FDCH-S. Cindy got to run Squire and got her first 000 start.

We also celebrated the spirit of the trophy at Belleville on October 23rd where Duke got his ONYX.


Several members of FIAB took part in The DiscDogaThon put on by  Ohio Air Dogs on Saturday, October 30th.   (
It was a great event although a little cold and windy.  It was a first for a few of our flyball dogs, but Laura with Rogue took 3rd place overall.   All those years of throwing frisbee have paid off.

2009 Regional Champions

January 2010 - Its official.  Fur In a Blur is 1st Runner Up for 2009 Multi-breed Regional Championships for Region 1!  We are very proud of those dogs that helped us achieve this goal.  Porsche & Lily (B.Cs), Pippin (Whippet), Duke (Australian Sheperd), and Lacey&Twitch (Mix & awesome height dogs).  These are the dogs that have been the core of our multi-breed team and we couldn't have done it without them.

CanAm - 2009

October 2009 - Indianapolis Indiana   - The team decided they wanted to participate in NAFAs first CanAm Games.
Our multi-breed team has been doing great since Duke started running, and we decided we wanted to try to qualify for the multi-breed championship to be held on Sunday.
On Friday October 2nd, Checkered Flag ran in Multi division 1, winning the division and establishing a new personal best for the team of 16.9.
With this new best time, we were offered a spot in the multibreed championship as the #3 seed. Of course we went for it.
On sunday during the championship rounds, Checkered Flag took 3rd place!!!
The awesome dogs and handlers who ran on the team were Pippin(whippet) and Susanna Woycitzky, Lily (Border Collie) and Robin Gray, Duke (Australian Shepherd) and Maureen Setter, and Twitch (Border Jack - Mix) and Russell Rex.
While the rest of the teams we took are not quite ready for championship status, they still did equally well in their own divisions. Brickyard took 1st place in Regular VI. (Their seed time was 18.5 so that tells you how many awesome teams attended this tournament).
Nitrous took 3rd place in Regular IX, and Leadfoot took 3rd place in Open VI.
Everybody had a blast and can't wait to go back next year!

November 2008 - Cleveland Ohio,  We hosted our own tournament at the IX Center.  This was the first official NAFA sanctioned tournament for the area.   It was held in conjunction with the Ohio Pet Expo. It was a fun tournament with good sized audiences both days discovering the joy of Flyball.  Our club ran four teams along with hosting the tournament. We were Busy!
Brickyard regular team placed 3rd in Division I with a best time of 16.76
Checkered Flag, multi team placed 1st in Division I, with a best time of 19.13
Nitrous, regular team placed 3rd in Division 3, with a best time of 21.02
Extreme Fur, the Open team, placed 2nd in Division 2. We were joined by Todd Morningstar(our judge) & Russ Rex(Extreme Insanity) to help fill out our Open Team.

Chelsea - 09/20/08-09/21/08
Slammers tournament.  We took 4 teams to this tournament, though because of an injury to one of our dogs, one team had to go performance.   We had some struggles with our slower teams but many great accomplishments this weekend. 4 on the Floor took third place in regular Division 5. Brickyard, our speed team ran in regular Division 1 and with a best time of 16.884 while taking third place.  And there is room to get faster! 

Individual Accomplishments:
Three of our dogs got their ONYX this weekend!  Nini, Pippin, and Porsche.  Check the canine athletes page later for links to their ONYX run.

Mt Clemens - Aug 16th-17th
Fuzzy lightning's first tournament.  The did a great job hosting this tournament.  The venue was nice (air conditioning). Lots of crating and the tournament was well run with human flyball on Saturday evening of which the team took part.  We took 4 teams to this tournament, 2 regular, 1 multi and 1 open.  The open team consisted mainly of our green dogs who had not yet been given full time spots on a team.  Every team placed in their division.  Brickyard took 3rd place, Checkered flag took 3rd place, Nitrous took 2nd place and the Green team also took 2nd!  More importantly, all the dogs on the green team showed they were ready and able to run! 

Individual Accomplishments:
Duke showed great promise warming up this weekend.  He is running from two jumps back to the box, getting the ball and running the entire course back showing some nice speed.  Gambit got his FMX this weekend.  Flare and Tammy ran all weekend with great skill.

Belleville - August 2nd - 3rd. 
This is our second year attending Junkyard Dogs tournament.  The weather was gorgeous.  The prizes at this tournament for placement was donations to the dog rescue of your choice.  We entered three teams, two regular and one multi each supporting a different charitable organization.  The multi team took first place in division 2 meaning that a donation was made to ARPH (Aussie Rescue & Placement Helpline, Inc).  Tonka and Flare ran part time on two of the teams and showed great focus.
Sandusky - July 4th, 5th, 6th

We had a great..long 3 day weekend of flyball racing and hosting our 3rd annual tournament. Thanks to all the teams that continue to support our tournament each year and the new teams that tried us out this year. We can't do it without you. All the help with box/line judging was appreciated! Thanks to our wonderful judges, Monica & Phil that keep us moving along at a good pace with lots of fun. Thanks to Russ from Extreme Insanity for providing music between racing & keeping everyone informed what race was on deck. Human Flyball on Saturday night is now a standard ritual for us. Thanks to Karen on our team for keeping it fresh and fun each year. The weather again cooperated and we had three full days of sunshine with delightful temps. We are already looking forward to next year and thinking up new ways to inject some FIAB Fun.
Fur in a Blur entered 4 teams, all of which did well. Our Brickyard & Checkered Flag teams placed in division one, which earned our team a few regional points. We are currently ranked 5th in our region.

Washingtonville, January 12-13th 2008 - Our first winter tournament.

This was the first time we hosted a tournament in winter and at a new site (Four Seasons K9 Athlete Center) located in Washingtonville Ohio.  There were many firsts at this tournament.  Squire became the first dog on the team to reach ONYX.  There were more Ohio teams than Michigan teams attending the tournament.  Four Seasons Frenzied Flyers made their flyball debut and did a great job.  Banshee and Storm debut'd on the team at this tournament. Along with hosting the tournament, we ran three teams, 1 regular, 1 multi, and 1 open.  Multi took second place in the division and earned 2 regional points, while the regular and open team took 4th place in there divisions.

Individual Accomplishments:
Squire got his ONYX!  Gambit got his FM.

Dexter, Dec 1-2, 2007 - Front Runners Tournament

This tournament was grand!  It was clear that Front Runners spared no expense on putting on this tournament.  Lots of racing, a truly awesome raffle table in a new venue.  We took three teams to the tournament.  Two regular and one Multi.  This tournament saw the return of Chloe to the team.  She had not run for 11 months but it was like she was never gone.  She rocked.  New to the team was Gambit.  He assisted the Nitrous team in taking first place in Regular Division 5.  Nitrous won every race. Brickyard and Checkered Flag each took 4th place in their division.

Individual Accomplishments:
Dahlia ran on two teams and still managed to turn in a best time of 5.64 seconds. Pippin got his FMCH.
Brampton, Nov 24-25, 2007 - Spirit Catchers Tournament

Took one and a half teams to this tournament.  One regular team and one open. 
Abbey and Darby ran on both teams with newest Fur In a Blur member Banshee running with them on the open team with a height dog from yet another team.  The regular team was made up of Abbey, Darby, Nini, and Tippee with brief appearances from a very pregnant Porsche.  Tippee also ran on another open team part time who had need.

Individual Accomplishments:
Abbey got her FMCH and Tippee her FDCH-G.
Davisburg, October 20-21, 2007  - Canine Express Tournament

The team was not entered in this tournament. You wouldn't have known it from looking.  Our friends from Extreme Insanity and Rockwood both had last minute cancellations and each needed two dogs in order to field a team.  We were the first team to participate as a 'performance' team for not one but two clubs. 

Squire and Nini ran for Extreme Insanity while Porsche and Lacey ran with Rockwood.
But thats not all, Darby ran on Front Runners Vets team as start dog, and helped the team take second place. 
You would not know by looking at this team that it was veterans.

Batavia, Oct 6-7, 2007 - Buffalo Wings Flyball Tournament

We made our second trek to Batavia, NY sending three teams to the Buffalo Wings Tournament.   We had a great time racing, the weather cooperated the majority of the time and although we tried as hard as we could we fell just a bit short in winning the human flyball title.  It was fun watching Buffalo bring the game they played & WON at our Sandusky tournament to their home region 13.  

Individual accomplishments: 
* Pippin turned in a scorching 3.801 time.  His best ever.  Congratulations Suze & Pip.  He just keeps getting faster and faster.   How low can he go?  
* Darby earned his FMX.  Congratulations Maureen and Darby 

We sent three teams comprising of eight dogs total.   Two of our BC's(Porsche & Tippie)  were in heat and could not attend.  Which meant that four dogs had to double on two teams.   We rearranged the teams to try and put the best teams forward, but ending up only being able to make two of the teams competetive within their division.  BUT...the Brickyard team, which could barely muster a 22sec time in their 18 second BO division was in 1st place at the end of Saturdays racing.  We ran clean and won races.   That 1st place standing did not last long on Sunday, but we placed a respectable middle of the division. Our other teams each placed 3rd within their divisions.  

September Chelsea

9/17/07 - Back from Slammers tournament in Chelsea MI and we have lots of good news and accomplishments. First some individual successes:

• FIAB welcomed back the two beautiful cattle dogs – Scarlet & Maizen and their handler Barb after over a year layoff. ..both ran near perfect and Maizen had her new fastest times…lost count of how many were under 5 seconds!   Now that’s girl power!
• We also welcomed a new dog to our team, Panic (BC) and his handler Russ from Extreme Insanity –Their running was clean, consistent…and fast!  Russ had great starts!   Welcome to our team!
Porsche & Tim had a perfect pass  & Tim won the “perfect pass” T-shirt!
This is especially significant because Porsche had earlier decided that she didn't like tight passes on the way back & would skip the jumps.  But she moved to last,  we warmed her up using the team as a wall, and she realized all was OK!    Way to come back quickly!
• Dahlia, our adorable Miniature Pinscher pictured above, is now 8th in the national breed ranking! Happy  5th Birthday! Congrats little girl!   
  Nini, our Boston Terrier, is now ranked 12th in the national breed ranking!

Team successes:
• We took three teams this weekend and all three ran cleanly in their first races Saturday morning.   That’s probably a first and its a good way to start off the weekend of racing!
• All teams placed in their divisions: Brickyard(Abbey, Pippin, Lacey, Porsche)  and Nitrous(Panic, Squire, Dahlia & Maizen) both regular teams, each took 3rd.  Checkered Flag(Scarlett, Darby, Nini & Tippie), our multi-breed team took 2nd!   Awesome! 
• Brickyard (a regular team with Abbey, Pippin, Lacey, Porsche) broke their own best time,  setting a new best time of 17.882 seconds!   Amazing! 

Now, on to Batavia in October!

July Sandusky

7/27/07 -   We had a great weekend of racing at our OWN tournament in Sandusky, July 21st & 22nd.
We ran three teams along with all the usual tasks of keeping racing moving.  Thanks to all the team members that worked tirelessly and all the flyball teams that helped us out.  Flyball truly is a team sport.   
   Our regular team of Brickyard broke the 18 second barrier!!! with a 17.96 best time.  The team of Abbey, Pippin, Porsche and Lacey sure had fun racing as fast as they could! 
   Our Multi team of Squire, Pippin, Darby and Dahlia took 2nd place in Multi 1 Division, which gives our team a few regional points! 
  Our regular team of Nitrous surprised us all by placing third in Division 4. (Darby, Squire, Nini & Dot)

Thanks to Karen that organized our "Human Flyball adventure" Saturday night.  The rules & seeding she devised made it possible for all ages and physical fitness levels to join in on the fun.  Congratulations to Buffalo Wings for their win!


June Chelsea

6/04/07 - We just had a great weekend of racing in Chelsea, MI.  Despite the incredible humidity followed by torrential rains - we had a number of great accomplishments.  

  • All three of the teams we had entered placed in the top three of their divisions
  • Dahlia and Porsche both doubled for the first time over the weekend and both held up wonderfully accumulating over 1500 pts!
  • Tippee completed her first entire tournament running cleaning and showing lots of potential
  • Darby and Lacey recorded NEW fastest times!